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Nursery School in Salisbury


Who we are

We are a nursery school in Salisbury and our values of an all round experience for our children means that The Griffin nursery school is an action packed place to be. We like to learn in the classroom but also our Griffin family like to get out and about. We like to discover the world by exploring the great outdoors and going on trips across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset so that the children can learn first hand for themselves. Your children are welcome with us from 6 months of age right up until school and during their school integration.

What we do

The Griffin School nursery school in Salisbury believes that education should be taught through all areas...


...Mondays are Spanish days where our oldest children in the nursery school learn some Spanish. Learning another language helps with learning, improves problem solving and introduces other cultures.

...The entire nursery go swimming in Salisbury every Tuesday. Swimming has so many benefits helping with physical activity, brain function, co-ordination, confidence and learning to dress themselves.

...On Thursdays the nursery have drama which works wonders with the children's creativity and confidence.

...We go out on nursery trips every week to explore, from local trips in Salisbury, to workshops at Hillier Gardens, to train rides across Dorset, our trips are always interesting, educational and exciting adventures.

Our Structure

We have 3 classes in our nursery school starting with  a good grounding in Robins, moving up to open their wings in Bluebirds and finally our eldest children prepare for school in Woodpeckers. Even though the children learn and discover in their classes, each teacher identifies the individual needs of each and every child to make sure they can reach their potential. We also merge into larger groups so that the children can learn and socialise. Our approach is always to give a rounded experience so your child is an individual, a classmate and a member of the Griffin family.

What we eat

Everyday the whole nursery sits down together for a nutritious home-cooked lunch made by our cook Jenny. With a varied menu our children very much look forward to lunch times! 


At Griffin we have two snack times a day to help keep up the children's energy levels. They love to get involved and help prepare their snacks themselves laying foundations for the future.

Come and visit us on Castle Road in Salisbury

We welcome all prospective parents so give us a call to come and look around our nursery school just by Hudson's Field in Salisbury. Also feel free to ring up or email us if you have any questions.