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What our parents say...

Here are some reviews from our Griffin parents from and Facebook

"Griffin school feels like a big family full of life and fun activities. I think Griffin's busy programme is very enriching and enjoyable for the little ones. It includes frequent outings (to places like gardens, farms...), weekly swimming lessons and educational activities in the classroom, such as 

hatching chicks from eggs in the spring. The classrooms are equipped with a great range of toys and things to look at and do. The team of carers are very down to earth, enthusiastic and warm ladies. My son's first few months at Griffin have been really stretching for him (in a positive way). When I go to pick him up he is enthusiastic to show me all the exciting things he's been looking at that day. The School is also very flexible about timings, which is useful when trying to juggle things around work, and it seems to be good value when you consider all the experiences they build into the week"

"Our son goes to the Griffin school and absolutely loves it!! ❤️ They do such amazing trips with them, amongst lots of things, they also take them swimming every week!! The staff are very family orientated and supporting and they have such lovely home cooked yummy food!! Thank you all so much."

"what a fantastic nursery! Staff are knowledgeable, helpful, caring and eldest went there and the little one is currently attending. They love it and we do too as they are flexible and understandings. They are constantly going on trips and they stimulate and push children learning. They are great!"

"My son really loves going to Griffin School. He is doing really well. I think it's the best nursery he's ever gone to. The staff are really friendly and my son has an excellent bond with them."